What goes up, must come down!

We haven’t been able to write anything for a while because we are now deep in the Rockies and there’s no 3G internet reception here for the Blackberry! Finally, we’ve come upon a  small internet cafe where we’ve stopped for a break.

So much has happened since Hope, the most significant of it it being climbing mountains! On Thursday we were thrown right into what felt like the interior of BC because we spent the majority of the day climbing and we didn’t pass through a single community. The only social interaction we had was with a crazy hitchiker who was headed up to the top of the mountains to longboard down them! …and some people think that we’re crazy.

Friday was a grueling, yet satisfying day. We started off by climbing the Allison Pass alongside the beautiful Skagit River. Although it was tuff riding, the payoff was very worth it. We rode downhill for 30 km and got to stop for lunch at Mannning Resort where we treated ourselves to some hot fries! That afternoon we climbed another pass and camped at the top of Sunday Summit.

Saturday morning we were hoping for the luxury of riding another 30 km down Sunday Summit but it was actually quite difficult riding because it was quite steep and hilly. Finally we got to Princeton where we stopped for lunch outside a grocery store. We were surprised by another cyclist named Graham who had biked all the way up from California and is now following his nose around Canada. We soon left him and started making our way to Hedley, but not before stopping for a swim along the way!

When we arrived in Hedley after riding downhill all the way from Princeton we stopped at a museum/tea room to ask where we could find a campground. Chuck, who himself rode all the way to Nova Scotia, offered us the backyard of the museum with an all-inclusive garden hose for water.

This morning we rode out of Hedley and have now found ourselves in Keremeos for lunch. We’re hoping to get to Osoyoos tonight and find a place to camp.


Thomas and Emily.


9 responses to “What goes up, must come down!

  1. Cousin Susan on Vancouver Island

    Aha…you’re going the southern route! You’ll love Osoyoos…more great swimming. Your Great Uncle Don, Jane and myself stayed there many, many years ago. And it was HOT. Bet it will be now, too. Safe travels…

  2. Vida, Brian, Jason & Dylan

    Wow…what an amazing adventure! We are following your journey and enjoying the pictures along the way! Keep safe!!

  3. awesome!

  4. I am in awe of you both. Stay safe – and well hydrated in the warm, sunny days.

  5. Vida, Brian, Jason & Dylan

    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday on the road!

  6. Nada, Ray, Ryan and Rachel Schott

    Hello Emily and Thomas, What an incredible journey you are both on! Following your pictures, words and videos. Keep ’em coming! Happy Birthday Emily!! We will celebrate when you come back. Loads of Best wishes Love Nada, Ray, Rachel and Ryan

  7. Hope you guys enjoyed Hedley! Never been there myself, but lots of people enquire if that is where we are from . . . Interesting following your tracks via this blog and your Dad, Thomas.
    Cheers, Ann

  8. Hey you guys! Hope the trip is going well… The Derksen Brothers wish you well from Calgary… Keep it up!

  9. Hi Thomas and Emily,
    Oh my, what an amazing trip, such a couragious and exciting journey you are on!
    I love checking in on your blogs and photos. Thank you for the great updates…we’ll miss you at Hillside this weekend…love…Cynthia xo

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