24 hours left

Here we go!

Tomorrow we leave on the train to go to Vancouver. We’ll be on there for three days but we’ve got lots of food to eat and books to read so we should be set! Then we’ll spend several days in the city getting the bikes setup (they have been taken apart and boxed up for the journey) and visiting family. Hopefully we will be off on our bikes on Monday, July 6th. That’s only one week away!

You may notice that there have been some changes around here. Most noticeably the whole background and theme of the blog is now white instead of black. Also, there is now a link at the top called “The Route“. This will take you to an interactive map of the route we plan on taking. Finally, things are always changing in the sidebar to the right. You may notice the newest addition of the logo for backpeddling. This is the bike shop that has helped us get all our gear together for our trip.

I’m not sure when we’ll get the chance to write another post but hopefully we’ll have started our big journey by then!


2 responses to “24 hours left

  1. Ahh that’s so exciting!! Have a fantastic time, guys! I’ll be following your blog :)

  2. Exciting exciting, have a wonderful time,will be following your blog breathlessly , tons of love Nxx

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