Update from the road!

Things have been a little crazy lately and so it’s been difficult to post an update, but here we are now in Hope, BC!
We had a great time in Vancouver over the weekend and my cousin Kim and her partner John were wonderful hosts. We got a chance to visit my dad’s sister and Emily cousin as well! Biking around the city that much was very nice (Vancouver is soo bike-friendly!) and we had incredible weather, however we didn’t foresee the bad weather that was to come…
We tried to leave the city on Monday just as it started to rain. The reason I say that we “tried” is because once we got to the point on the highway where we had a foot of shoulder, semi-trailers rushing by our sides and rain soaking us completely we decided that it was time to turn around and re-assess things!
We left yesterday on the city bus and headed out to Maple Ridge where we found an alternative route instead of Hwy 7. We biked this road for most of the day, even through the pouring rain. Eventually it led us back to the 7 where we ultimately had to end up. The traffic was a bit more difficult here but we managed to ride on and eventually we found a place to camp.
This morning we woke up very discouraged by yesterday but we somehow managed to get back on our bikes. Lucky for us we soon found wide shoulders to ride on and the traffic only got better and better through out the day. We also managed to avoid most of the rain all day!
At lunch we pulled in to a rest stop and to our surprise there were two other cyclists all geared up like us. When we got chatting we discovered that were heading all the way to Nova Scotia! Jordan and Braden are trying to raise money for the Calgary Food Bank so make sure you check out there blog at http://www.thederksenbrothers.com and you can even give them a donation online!
We bid them farewell and said that we might see them in Hope. Soon after we parted ways we had another surprise. We were biking along and suddenly I looked in my mirror and saw a cop on a motorcycle with his lights flashing right beside Emily! Just as things started racing through my head I realized that he was leading a pack of around 30 cyclists! Could it be? The Tour de France has come to Canada?!?
…nope. It was some sort of ride for cancer, but it was still very exciting! We tried to ride with them but soon fell behind considering the fact that we were each lugging 50 lbs of gear and they weren’t.
We managed to get to Hope by 5 o’clock and did laundry, found a cheap camp site (what a deal! 14 bucks for cyclists!) and we even managed to meet back up with our cycling friends at the local Subway!
What a crazy first few days. But we’re now feeling very confident and optimistic about the whole trip (…even if we left the chain oil back home).


6 responses to “Update from the road!

  1. Cousin Susan on Vancouver Island

    Hi to the soggy cyclists! I can fully imagine your drenchings along the highway by the semi’s. Ugh! Isn’t Hope a delightful little town? Which campground did you stay in? Jane and I were in Hope just about the same time last year. Shall be interested to see if you’re now going the southern route….or up the Fraser Canyon. We did the latter, re-exploring the 150th anniversary of the Gold Rush. Safe travels…and keep dry!

  2. Hey hey, We are so glad to hear from you guys! Weather is beautiful here in Vancouver and tomorrow is gonna be nice too..so you’ve got good cycling weather comin Up! Kim and I were really proud to see you wobble down the street and on your way…way too go Thomas and Emily!

  3. I love the update, you guys are awesome!

  4. Wow! Lot’s of excitement already :) Take care and eat your greens.


  5. HEy! sounds fun! It took me a long time to finally find this blog

  6. Well done! You have made it out of the heavy traffic of the Vancouver area – and the sun is shining on you once more! Stay safe.

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