Chicago, Chicago

This morning we finally awoke after a night (or half a night rather) of waking and sleeping, adjusting and stretching. We ate some lovely muffins, made by Thomas Kilgour himself, and drank some awful tea (with cream not milk!) from the dinning car. Around 10:45am we arrived in Chicago for a four hour lay over! After a misunderstanding of ticket info, we were relieved to find that it wouldn’t be necessary for us to hall our boxed bicycles and gear on our lay over to the Empire Builder (the train to Seattle). With time to spare, we set out of Union Station into the city- our mission: to find fresh fruit (…and to see some of Chicago of course). We ended up in the blue and white filled, “Greek Town”. Soon enough we found a market with, pause, fresh fruit (mm mmm). And so, we’re on the train until thursday aft when we reach Seattle. From there we’re only a three or four hour bus ride to Vancouver, where the biking will begin! Cheers, Emily
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4 responses to “Chicago, Chicago

  1. Wow, you are finally off and rolling . . . what an adventure. Looking forward to seeing Thomas and meeting Emily on the 5th if not sooner . . .
    Happy travels, should be a blast crossing America on the train! You’ll meet lots of interesting folks I am sure. Cheers, Ann

  2. I’m so happy that your adventure has begun! I can’t wait to see photos!

  3. Your Cousin Susan on Vancouver Island!

    Hi Thomas and Emily! What an adventure! Are you staying with Ann & Dave in Vancouver? Any chance you’re coming to the island before heading East??? I’d happily pick you up from the ferry and you could stay overnight in my cottage. Let me know, ok? Otherwise, I’ll follow the blog. Safe journey…and have a blast :)

  4. ria marentette

    I have not seen you for more than a year Emily and I don’t know Thomas except from a distance. What a great thing to do in this beautiful country. Janet passed on your weblog info and I hope to follow you on your weblog. Enjoy yourselves. Hopefully the wind on the prairies will assist a bit. Ria Marentette

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