Status of the trip

So where are we at now?

Well, we haven’t quite bought our tickets yet, but we are almost certain that we will be leaving on the train from Buffalo to Vancouver on June 28th. That’s just over two weeks away!

You may be thinking to yourself that taking a train from Buffalo sounds like quite a roundabout way to get to Vancouver… and that would be a fair statement. But we do have our reasons: A) flying is expensive. B) taking a train through Canada is even more expensive! C) the greyhound is uncomfortable. D) the train from Buffalo is only a bit more expensive than the dirt-cheap greyhound. And as an added bonus we get to see a bit of Chicago and Seattle because of lay-overs.

Once we get to Vancouver (probably on July 1st) we plan on staying with a cousin for a few days so that we can get set-up and do a bit of exploring! We’re tentatively planning to hit the road by around the 6th of July.


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