End of the Road

Hello all!

We’ve been so cut off from internet for soo long! It’s great to see how much people are interested in what we are doing. Sorry for the lack of updates!

Big News: Emily and I are heading home!

Don’t worry, nothing bad happened.. we’ve been having a wonderful time. However, we decided that we wanted to spend some time back in Guelph this summer (especially since I have to be back in school in September).

Right now we are at a hostel in Fernie, BC waiting for the greyhound to arrive at 2:50 am! That will take us to Calgary where we are going to spend some time with a friend and then we will continue on home.

The decision to end our trip wasn’t an easy one, but we finally realized that our only purpose this summer was to enjoy ourselves. We have been doing just that for several weeks now, but we both feel that we have run our course.

There is still so much to tell but I’m much too tired at the moment (it’s 12:45 and our normal bedtime has become 8 o’clock!). But stay tuned to the blog because I will be sure to post photos, videos and many more stories once we get easier access to the internet.


Thomas and Emily


7 responses to “End of the Road

  1. see you soon !!!! love N xx

  2. Two wise and wonderful people. When I saw you in White Rock, I knew that you had the perfect outlook for yourselves. You have proven yourselves to yourselves and to all of us who followed your road. Congratulations for knowing your mind and making the right choices that work for you. Sucess is measured not in the distanced travelled but in the experienced and in the growthed earned along the way.
    I’ll see you next when I am in your neck of the woods!

  3. I guess this means that we WILL see you in Georgian Bay in August . . . !!

  4. We are so looking forward to seeing you back in Guelph and hearing your great stories from the road. You are very wise for making the decision that’s right for YOU.

  5. So long as you have a good rock collection to show for your trip, Guelph will be happy to have you back ;) Swing by when you’re back in town.

  6. Cousin Susan on Vancouver Island

    Sounds perfect! Good for you ^_^ These decisions are always complex….glad you found your way through to the one that worked best for you!

  7. ria marentette

    Hi Thomas and Emily,

    Good for you to have the flexibility to change your plans. You had quite a treck you two. Enjoy the rest of your trip home. Ria Marentette

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